It's something we don't like to think about. But the reality is most of us will need someone to assist and care for us as we age. And millions of older Americans need that help now.

Help not only with their daily care, but help to support and maintain the quality of life they desire: A life filled with purposeful activity and cherished relationships.

They need assistance, not simply to live long lives, but to live meaningful ones, no matter their age, no matter their health. Our elders deserve that. But our families cannot do it alone.

Older adults and their families need help from professional caregivers, medical professionals, community agencies, and policy makers.

They need help from all of us.

That is why we are creating a sustainable network of care to help older adults live meaningful lives, not just long ones.

Right now there aren't enough professionally trained and qualified caregivers to meet the complex and growing care demands of our older adults.

And the numbers of people needing our care and support is only expected to grow. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that more than 1.3 million caregivers will be needed in the next 10 years to respond to the growing demands of these changing demographics.

We must create a sustainable care network to meet those needs.

Caregiver Call to Serve, a new initiative and innovative market solution led by HomeCare of the Rockies, was developed to do just that.

We want to attract qualified individuals to the noble profession of caregiving.

To do that we will raise the professional standards and help caregivers:

  • Learn by providing comprehensive and professional training programs that will prepare caregivers to meet the myriad needs of older adults.
  • Earn a living as a professional. Professionally trained caregivers must receive fair compensation.
  • Care for our older adults by upholding the integrity and professional standards of the caregiving tradition and by recognizing that caregivers are valued members of our care communities.

This is the Caregiver Call to Serve. This is our commitment to older adults, families, and caregivers. This is how we will create a sustainable network of care to help older adults live meaningful lives, not just long ones.

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